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Relief Fund for Lebanon

Help Lebanon! Help the frontliners of Amel Association International support the victims of the August 4th blasts in Beirut and the most vulnerable populations.

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Relief Fund for Lebanon

August 4 at 6:07 PM, a blast destroyed the port of Beirut and several districts of the capital of Lebanon with more than 120 confirmed deaths to date, dozens unaccounted for, and countless displaced. The material damage is enormous. Estimated damages of 5 billion dollars and nearly 300,000 households affected in the city. Families are finding themselves with no home or shelter, food insecure, and destitute – this calls for a national mobilization to address urgent humanitarian needs! 

Lebanon has already been going through an economic crisis that grew poverty to reach 60% of the population, a country that is witnessing record unemployment rates with over one million jobs lost, estimated to exceed 50% of the population by the end of 2020, a country that is seeing a devaluation of the local currency, facing COVID-19, and that is struggling with limited availability of medical equipment and supplies to respond to the latest crisis from the blast in Beirut. Lebanon needs help to address the growing humanitarian needs!

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