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Help me eat chicken wings again! Pretty please.

I urgently require oral surgery, bone graft(from hip to jaw) & severe tooth repair. This is from being a victim of a violent crime while sleeping in my home.

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Help me eat chicken wings again! Pretty please.

My 4 kids, my family and myself are all suffering the first hand effect of a violent crime on myself that has left me disabled. My fundraiser is for the oral surgery, bone graft(from hip to jaw) & tooth repair that I urgently require. This includes 10+ implanted teeth and jaw repair, which constantly clunks(not a spelling error, click is what it did prior this attack now it clunks)bad & almost dislocating every bite. I am a father to 4 kids, 3 are young adults, 1 in the army, 2 in college & 1 eight year old to go. This incident has brought stress & financial problems to my family that words cannot explain. 

   After being violently attacked and suffering sever blunt force head trauma while I slept in my friends apartment, I am left a disabled victim. I am left disabled with a brain injury, PTSD, seizures & a bunch of scars(most facial). This has me in desperate need of some medical  financial assistance. My Ei has run out now & waiting on disability approval. I need to pay all upfront costs for x-rays, impressions, digital jaw/skull/facial scans & extensive dental check ups to have the dentists put together a very precise estimate with documentation. This will then be sent into Alberta Health Services(AHS) to be approved. The better the estimate & documentation the better, quicker approval we should receive & it's like a one shot chance. Then once approved we can start booking the surgery's & prep work. The oral surgeon says cases like this take about 1 year from start, which was December 3, 2019. Most of the appointments were booked months ago. If I have to miss any of these i'll have to rebook months down the road putting everything on hold for months & months. I would greatly appreciate any financial help at all to keep this going forward. As is right now at best I would have teeth & my jaw fixed at about 1-1/2 years from the attack. I am literally sucked dry from previous medical costs let alone these dental ones & my drastic income drop. 

  So now here's the story of what happened to leave me like this & also a victim of a violent crime.

  On the morning of July 3, 2019 my life changing incident happened in north Edmonton. While sleeping over at a friends apartment in Edmonton, a man let himself into the apartment. He then came into the bedroom where I was & violently struck my face several times with an unknown blunt object until I was almost dead. But managed to come too just enough to escape. I fled & after quickly found help & someone to call 911.  The individual was then kind enough to rob me & get my car keys & clean it out of all my belongings in it(i was packed to head to work up north for a long haul). I barely survived this horrible incident, but I am sure glad I did. So, at the hospital they performed an emergency tracheotomy, which leaves a heck of a neck scar & isn't very comfortable. They found that he had broken my throat, crushed every single bone in my skull & knocked out 10 teeth(others may need to be pulled). After I stabilized for a couple days I underwent a very long complex facial reconstruction surgery. During this surgery they rebuilt my eye sockets & nasal area and pieced my skull back together best they could. To accomplish this, they installed 17 steel plates & over 50 screws in my face. And now I am healing, and healing well. They say minimum it is like up to 2 years at best for my recovery, that's with oral surgery completed & continuing brain injury rehabilitation. They say there's only a slight chance I will be able to return to my same life long career as a drilling rig worker.

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